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In 2016 The First Buddhist Sculpture Art Exhibition In Yun Gang International Officially Launched
Aug 30, 2016

And Buddhist art, to promote cultural prosperity. August 23, at 10 o'clock in the morning, first Yungang international exhibition of Buddhist sculptures at Yungang resort layer officially launched the Office of Wei capital, Datong city government leadership and many domestic and foreign experts and the media to witness the exciting moment.

Datong city, the Exhibition Organizer for the promotion of Chinese culture and people's Governments, assisted by Chinese sculptors Association, sponsored by Cosmos broadcasting stations. The exhibition to exhibition show Buddhist sculpture art mainly, oriented global for public collection works, exhibition will concentrated a has contemporary standard of Buddhist art sculpture, brings together a engaged in Buddhist art culture experts colleagues, absorb a engaged in art industry chain of elite talent, together ancient Datong, show sculpture charm, through different national, and different culture background Xia of art performance to writing contemporary art and Buddhist civilization of spatio-temporal dialogue, will industry, and talent, and art, resources achieved shared, achieved harmony symbiosis, and Platform for the Exchange and common prosperity of the culture.