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2018 China Xiamen International Stone Fair Triple Upgrade, Upcoming!
Dec 11, 2017

March 6 - March9, 2018 China Xiamen International Stone Fair

Triple upgrade, upcoming!


      Xiamen International Stone Fair as the stone industry's first opening exhibition, the industry's first choice for new product promotion platform to attract professional buyers at home and abroad gathered here, 18 million in the show venues to collect favorite products. At the same time, "starting in Xiamen - Global New Products" as the World Stone Conference series forums the most anticipated value of the main push project has been held for three years in a row, many new products to promote opportunities, warm response.

      On the basis of this, the Organizing Committee will comprehensively upgrade the new product launches, expand the breadth and depth of products, fully cover the middle and lower reaches of domestic and international high-quality resources in the stone industry chain, focus on presenting new varieties of new technologies of major brands and capture the most valuable Industry trends, help new products docking with the industry, to create a professional buyers and designers access to high-quality stone information platform, one stop to enjoy the new global feast.

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