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Stone parquet
Jun 01, 2017

stone parquet

Stone parquet, stone decoration is the best effect of the most beautiful and noble decorative products, which are widely used in modern buildings in the ground, walls, countertops and other places, very much by the designer's pro-Lai, and consumers like.


What is a stone parquet?


Stone parquet, is the people through the artistic conception to stone instead of paint, the "fight" out of the beautiful natural stone painting. It is mainly the use of natural stone natural unique colors, textures and materials, coupled with ingenious artistic ideas and design and completed.


Due to the rich texture of natural marble, and the fine texture of the marble, moderate hardness, very suitable for parquet processing, so most of the stone parquet is made of marble, it is commonly referred to as parquet, and sometimes also refers to the marble Parquet. And now the newly developed sandstone parquet and slate parquet is also very unique, but the application is relatively small


With the development of stone processing technology, as well as the stone pattern and design of the complex, stone waterjet cutting equipment is widely used in the processing of stone parquet production, and for the complex parquet design, the water knife into the indispensable tool, so the stone parquet is also known as the water knife parquet.


Stone parquet, in fact, can be seen as a mosaic process of a development and extension of the mosaic process and the new processing technology and technology combined with the new stone products derived. Like the early stone parquet, mainly stone plate products group, which can be seen as a magnified version of the stone mosaic, and later due to the application of waterjet technology and processing accuracy, stone mosaic to the mosaic process to play extreme, formed its own unique style.


Stone parquet (waterjet parquet) processing principle


Stone waterjet parquet processing principle is: the use of computer-aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) will be designed by the design of the CAD program into NC program, and then NC program to the NC water cutting machine, after According to the design requirements of the selected natural stone with CNC water cutting machine were cut into separate graphics components. And then manually by the various stone pattern parts splicing, repair and bonding into the whole, and finally polished, so that the completion of the entire water knife parquet processing.

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