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The meaning of stone conservation
Aug 30, 2016

Stone beautiful as a man of "skin", requiring careful maintenance, beautiful face will not be changed with the years and diaobai. Because the stones naturally occurring micro-holes, pores smaller, the stronger the adsorption on the surface of the capillary action. Stone of many diseases is "through the hole and into".

Traditional installation of decorative stone and ignore the cleaning and protection, maintenance, and so on. It is generally believed that stone thick, durable, hard and wear-resistant. Decorative stone beautiful effect is in fact pursued. If contaminated or worn bright effect vanished late remedies, both expensive and affect the use, while some pollution is irreversible.

If the decorative stone before installation without protection, remedial measures should be for maintenance, protection and protection of appearance as soon as possible, to make the decorative effect of the stone remain bright as long as possible.