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The cause of disease of stone you know
Aug 30, 2016

Causes the stone material pathological change following three

(1) physical damage: including freeze-thaw damage and mold damage. Freeze-thaw damage refers to rain, water or groundwater through cracks and pores into the stone, cold ice volume expansion, stone burst damage. Crystal damage refers to the upgrading of the salts dissolved in water by capillary action into the stone, in dry conditions, the crystallization of salts, crystallization expansion of pressure that makes the surface of the stone in powder form or flake off. In the presence of alternate wetting and drying, crystallization failure.

(2) chemical etching effect: rust, water marks, Rainbow and other diseases are caused as a result of a chemical reaction produced stone contamination or corrosion of weathering.

(3) the microbiological damage: grows on the wet stone of certain microorganisms, microorganisms not only undermine the appearance of stone, the stone material to change color, its metabolism of certain products, such as Lichen acids eroding stone and Binder. Certain enzymes makes Silicon aluminate release cations, the damaging effects of biodegradation. Microbial destruction to accelerate several other damaging effects.