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Stone parquet production process
Jun 12, 2017

Stone parquet production process is mainly the design, selection and processing


Stone parquet design


Stone parquet design beautiful and practical, artistic strong. To design a consumer favorite stone parquet products, it must be in-depth life, observe and understand people's love and needs, from life to capture creative inspiration. At the same time to combine the actual situation of the residence, and the external environment and the overall decoration style, harmonization and characteristics are the most successful.


Stone parquet of choice


In principle, the choice of parquet material according to the specific requirements of the parquet design or customer requirements to set.


Stone parquet of choice of materials need to pay attention to these three aspects:


1. color


The entire parquet pattern, the same stone layout color must be consistent, but for some changes in color, it is in the same board are stored in a larger color, in the election material to distinguish between good planning. The basic principles of choice of materials is: a gradual transition to the principle of color selection materials, two to not affect the aesthetic effect of parquet for the principle of decoration.


2. grain


Stone parquet processing, the board of the grain change is also very important. Especially for high-quality products with high quality, high demand and high artistry. The best texture changes and design should be combined, so as to better demonstrate the effect of the design. Specific texture direction depends on the specific circumstances, there is no absolute standard can refer to. Usually for circular parquet, the lines can be around the circumferential direction, but also along the radial direction, but whether it is around the circumferential direction or along the radial direction, must ensure the consistency of the lines. For square parquet, the general pattern of walking like the length of the extension, but also along the width of the radiation, or at the same time along the length and width of the direction of change. Regardless of how to walk the texture, the focus is how to achieve the stone parquet design and decorative effect on how to do to achieve the best decorative effect of parquet prevail.


3. color lines, stains, cracks, holes, trachoma, mildew.


From the quality of parquet, these stone defects are absolutely not allowed. But because the stone is naturally generated, so there is no time to control it. , So many stone are more or less there are some flaws. Therefore, in the choice of materials, materials, but also to consider these issues, to avoid as far as possible to avoid, can not be avoided depending on the specific circumstances. And should repair these appearance defects as much as possible. But the scope of the flaw can not affect the overall decorative effect of parquet.


At the same time as most of the stone parquet is made up of small pieces of the package, so you can make full use of natural stone production of the remaining corner of the remaining material to produce, but the premise to meet the previous selection criteria.