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In these cases, stone disease!
Aug 30, 2016

Dry as possible in construction methods, especially as the United States are more prone to rust of stone such as white, should avoid the use of wet construction method and, if necessary, prior to installation of a full range of rust and waterproof. Rust marks that have emerged, major product is the rust remover, good rust Remover should have two conditions: first is the rust of stone material won't rust; second request corrosion rust Remover is not stone, does not affect the stone's surface gloss. But as the rust Remover is acidic, so the marble (calcium stone) rust prior to doing the experiment, diluted with water is necessary. After descaling, rinse thoroughly with clean, protective agents for protection, the stone with waterproofing function to prevent future incidence of other diseases and the trouble it caused due to chemical corrosion.