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Composite stone and artificial stone which is the difference
Aug 30, 2016

When decorating, we are faced with a choice of stone. In General, the more consumers to select composite stone and artificial stone. But many people do not understand compound stone and artificial stone is the difference between what, so just go with the flow at time of purchase, as cheap to buy, resulting in not required to purchase their own decoration stones. Below and explain about composite stone and artificial stone what was the difference.

Generally, composite stone and artificial stone is has difference of, artificial stone is by natural stone after processing processing, and crushed Hou in high temperature high pressure Xia strengthened aggregate and into; composite stone is similar plywood of stone, compared artificial stone, composite stone using natural stone do ornaments surface material, has natural formed of lines and texture, this is is aggregate stone powder and into of artificial stone by not has of; currently, market Shang of composite stone main is imports of products and joint venture products, price General in 300-500 Yuan/ Between m.