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China stone mechanical and not 16 or more efforts are needed
Aug 30, 2016

1, Is the main industry is weak and unstable. Although a number of industry leading enterprise progress is not small, but in terms of it up to the level of and put them on the world stage is neither large nor strong. Coupled with the foreign capital merger and acquisition of enterprises in China comes with a vengeance, if inappropriate, industry revitalization body will lose depending on, stone machinery industry in China will be a long-term cure to the international chain of low end.

Second, transformation of economic growth pattern very fast. Prominent: over-reliance on real output growth, need to overcome inertia of the epitaxial growth of stone machinery industry development; compared with counterparts in developed countries, development of modern service industry upset, weakness and short legs; slow decline in energy consumption per unit of output and consumption of steel products, especially after the 2005 energy consumption per unit of output of steel consumption dropped significantly slowed; rapid growth of fixed asset investment, excessive capacity expansion.