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Are marble and granite the same
Aug 11, 2017

Are marble and granite the same

Marble and granite are stone, and there are patterns, many consumers often distinguish between the two what is the difference. In fact, the difference between granite and marble is very much, is two different stone.


A: stone characteristics

The way to distinguish between marble and granite by the naked eye is to look at their pattern. Yes, granite and marble have patterns, but because the two stone nature is different, granite is a igneous rock, and marble is metamorphic rock, so the pattern of their differences is obvious. Marble pattern changes rich, smooth pattern of freehand brushwork, and rich color changes. And granite patterns are spotted, no obvious pattern forming, and the color is generally white and gray, very single.

Granite hardness is hard, and marble is a soft stone, hardness is not as good as granite. But this also leads to the limitation of granite plasticity, while marble processing is easy to use in decorative designs.

B: Use range

The most obvious difference between granite and marble is a multi-purpose outdoor, one more used indoors. Indoor to see the pattern of natural stone are mostly marble, and outdoor pavement shop spotted natural stone is granite.

Why is there such a clear distinction between the place it was originally determined by the radioactive stone. Granite radioactive relatively large, people's physical damage, it can not be used indoors, can only be installed outdoors. While the radioactive radio, used in the indoor safety is relatively high. And marble lines beautiful, suitable for use in the interior decoration.

Marble is fine, smooth as a mirror, has a strong ornamental, it is widely used in the field of art, in the Great Hall of the city there is a huge fine marble screen.

C: price difference

Although granite and marble are high-grade stone products, but the price difference between the two great.

Granite pattern is single, less color change, decorative is not strong. The advantage is rugged, not easily damaged, it will not be dyed. But because of radioactive, it can only be used in outdoor; the scope of application is limited. Different granite prices ranging from hair surface cheaper, polished surface will be more expensive.

Marble texture smooth and delicate, rich texture changes, fine landscape painting with a beautiful pattern, marble is an artistic stone. The price of marble according to different origin, different quality price difference is very large.


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